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overview Overview

The trademark law of Macau classifies trademarks as being commercial or industrial trademarks, handicraft trademarks, collective trademarks, serial trademarks, stereo trademarks, and three-dimensional marks. If they are used in a unique and remarkable way, colors and other necessary aspects can be used in combination with designs and words in a trademark.

procedure Procedure

Trademark applications are dealt with by the Department of Economic Services in Macau. Prior to examination an application will be published in the Official Gazette of Macau for opposition purposes. Within two months from the publication, any interested party may file an opposition. After the opposition period has lapsed without oppositions having been filed, or after the opposition proceedings have terminated, the application will be examined as to form, registrability, and prior conflicting registrations.

Appeal against the decision of the Department may be lodged with the Court within 30 days from notification. Both applicant and an opposing party may lodge an appeal. Further appeal lies with the High Court of Justice.

If no oppositions are filed, or the oppositions decided upon in favor of the applicant, and no prior conflicting registration nor any other ground for refusal is found, registration will be granted, and published in the Official Gazette.


requirement Filing Requirements : Trademarks and Service Marks

The documents required for filing include:


Points to Note  >> In Macau, a trademark is required to remain unchanged. Any alteration in its features requires a new registration and publication. Likewise, changes of address of the head office and trade name or company name of the trademark owner shall be registered and published in order to be effective for third parties.


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